Nick Shadrin / Talks

2018-05-28: BackendConf at RIT++, Moscow, Russia

2018-05-17: WeAreDevelopers, Vienna, Austria: NGINX Unit: Why make another application server 2018-05-17-wearedevelopers-nick-shadrin-nginx-unit.pptx

2017-04-20: San Francisco OSS Meetup: Making another application server

2017-03-05: SCaLE15x, Pasadena, CA / Tuning NGINX for high performance

2016-08-25: Modern Web, Taipei, Taiwan / Tuning NGINX

2016-05-18: OSCon, Austin, TX / HTTP/2 use cases and benchmarks

2016-04-12: NGINX Meetup @ Google Cloud Platform

2016-03-10: O'Reilly Fluent, San Francisco, CA

2016-02-26: NGINX + Datadog meetup in SF

2016-01: SCaLE 14x / HTTP/2 - Protocol and use cases overview

2015-07: OSCon Portland / Interconnecting microservices at scale with NGINX