Nick Shadrin / Talks

Date Event Location Session
2023-10-10 Software Engineering Daily Podcast Online The Future of HTTP/3
2023-07-04 HighLoad++ Serbia Belgrade, Serbia QUIC and HTTP/3
2022-12-15 HighLoad++ Armenia Yerevan, Armenia QUIC and HTTP/3
2019-07-18 OSCon 2019 Portland, OR Upgrade your web to HTTP/3, or, better, don't?
2019-03-22 NGINX Unit Meetup San Francisco, CA NGINX Unit Routing
2018-10-23 AllThingsOpen Raleigh, NC NGINX Unit: Why Build Another Application Server
2018-10-10 NGINX Conf 2018 Atlanta, GA Reading Unit CHANGES Together
2018-10-10 NGINX Conf 2018 Atlanta, GA Keynote: NGINX Unit Update 2018
2018-09-15 PropellerAds meetup St. Petersburg, Russia NGINX Outside of nginx, part 2
2018-07-19 OSCon Portland, OR NGINX Unit: How to Use the Fully Dynamic New Server
2018-05-28 RIT++ Moscow, Russia Interview: NGINX Philosophy and Job Opportunities
2018-05-28 BackendConf at RIT++ Moscow, Russia NGINX Outside of nginx: Additional Projects Behind the Web Server
2018-05-17 WeAreDevelopers Vienna, Austria NGINX Unit: Why Make Another Application Server
2018-04-20 OSS Meetup San Francisco, CA Making Another Application Server
2017-11-08 HighLoad++ 2017 Moscow, Russia Intro to NGINX Unit
2017-09-08 nginx.conf 2017 Portland, OR NGINX Unit In-Depth Demo
2017-09-08 nginx.conf 2017 Portland, OR Keynote: Introducing NGINX Unit
2017-03-05 SCaLE15x Pasadena, CA Tuning NGINX for High Performance
2016-09-07 nginx.conf 2016 Austin, TX Amplifying NGINX for More Visibility and Control
2016-08-25 Modern Web Taipei Tuning NGINX for High Performance
2016-05-18 OSCon Austin, TX HTTP/2 Use Cases and Benchmarks
2016-04-12 NGINX Meetup San Francisco, CA NGINX Plus, Dynamic Upstreams in GCP
2016-03-10 Fluent San Francisco, CA Web Server Monitoring with NGINX Amplify
2016-02-26 NGINX + Datadog meetup San Francisco, CA HTTP/2 Monitoring with Datadog
2016-01-24 SCaLE 14x Pasadena, CA HTTP/2 - Protocol and Use Cases Overview
2015-09-23 nginx.conf 2015 San Francisco, CA Using NGINX to Add Enterprise Features to a Simple Homegrown Webapp
2015-07-20 OSCon Portland, OR Interconnecting Microservices at Scale with NGINX

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