NGINX Microservices Reference Architecture: Download the Free Ebook


The NGINX Microservices Reference Architecture (MRA) is an exciting new tool for developing fast, reliable, and robust microservices apps. Now, NGINX has created a new ebook to describe the MRA. Download your free copy today!

More that two‑thirds of the organizations surveyed by NGINX are using or investigating microservices. But software development often proceeds incrementally, through trial and error. How to get the full advantages of microservices without months or years of costly mistakes and restarts?

The MRA provides a solid answer, and our new ebook describes it in detail. The MRA consists of four main components:

The MRA also implements core microservices design concepts, including the Circuit Breaker pattern and The Twelve‑Factor App, adapted for microservices by NGINX.

In our latest ebook, Microservices Reference Architecture, we’ve gathered together, revised, and updated the blog posts linked above. New illustrations show the workings of the MRA in detail. To learn how to create apps on the cutting edge of microservices development but with “legs” for the long term, download the ebook today.

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