Microsoft Exchange Load Balancing with NGINX Plus


Last month we announced the release of NGINX Plus R6 and with it a number of new features that were on our customers’ wish lists. Several of the features, including full‑featured TCP load balancing and enhancements to our live activity monitoring dashboard, extend the benefits of NGINX Plus to enterprises and other organizations that rely on applications running over TCP rather than HTTP.

In particular, many customers have asked about using NGINX Plus to proxy and load balance Microsoft Exchange traffic. Exchange is widely deployed in all types of environments – from on‑premises data centers to cloud environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure – as a mail server, calendar, and contacts management application.

Editor – The deployment guide announced in this blog, Load Balancing Microsoft Exchange Servers with NGINX Plus, was updated for NGINX Plus Release 7, which introduced support for NT LAN Manager (NTLM) authentication with Microsoft applications.

How NGINX Plus R6 Load Balances Microsoft Exchange Traffic

Here’s how the new features in R6 enable NGINX Plus to proxy and load balance Exchange traffic:

Our Deployment Guide Gets You Started Quickly

To get you started with load balancing your Exchange servers as quickly as possible, we’ve published a deployment guide, Load Balancing Microsoft Exchange Servers with NGINX Plus. It explains step by step how to configure all components – DNS, Exchange, firewalls, and NGINX Plus – on premises or in a cloud environment. You can choose between basic load balancing and an enhanced configuration that improves performance and makes your deployment easier to manage.

We know that many of our customers are long‑time and expert NGINX and NGINX Plus users, and for their convenience we’re also publishing plain NGINX Plus configuration files for both basic and enhanced load balancing of Exchange.

Experienced with Exchange but new to NGINX Plus? Take advantage of our 30‑day free trial and see for yourself how NGINX Plus can boost the performance and manageability of your Exchange deployment.

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