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Thousand of students have already taken advantage of NGINX training courses, learning how to configure and run both the open source NGINX software and NGINX Plus. Now we’ve updated the NGINX training curriculum to include their feedback and the latest product features.

NGINX Core is an all‑day, instructor‑led class that provides the foundation you need to administer, configure, and manage NGINX and NGINX Plus. NGINX Core combines lecture, instructor demos, and hands‑on labs.

NGINX Core is intended for admins, architects, and DevOps professionals who are self‑taught or new to NGINX. Participants don’t need NGINX experience, just a basic understanding of web servers and of the Unix command line. Required skills include running Unix commands, navigating the file system, and creating and editing text files.

The new course features deeper conceptual and hands‑on coverage of key areas like proxy, caching, logging, and security. And we’ve increased the number and intensity of hands‑on activities.

Introducing the NGINX Core and microservices training on how to use NGINX as a web server and reverse proxy

After completing NGINX Core, you’ll be able to implement the most common use cases for NGINX – web server, proxy server, load balancer, and caching server – in a secure, scalable way.

During the training, you’ll implement each use case in a preconfigured, personal training environment, building a progressively more complex NGINX server as you go. For example:

After completing NGINX Core you’ll be able to configure NGINX to:

You’ll also learn how to:

NGINX Core is also your gateway to more advanced training topics like Managing NGINX Performance, Microservices Network Architectures with NGINX, and others.

For more information about NGINX Core, delivery dates, or to enroll, visit NGINX University.

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