How Many Websites Use NGINX? April 2014 | NGINX


Based on figures from the April 2014 Netcraft survey, over 146 million of the websites they surveyed were using NGINX, an increase of 3 million since last month.


Netcraft data, April 2014

W3techs surveys the top 10 million websites, based on Alexa traffic rank. According to this month’s data, 20% of the top 10 million sites run NGINX, and the percentage rises to 38.5% if you drill down to the top 1,000. The list changes subtly from month to month so we can’t read too much into this recent increase, but it’s great to see that NGINX still holds top spot amongst the busiest (and presumably most discriminating and selective) sites in the world.


W3Techs data, April 2014

This month’s highlight: Netcraft’s data indicates that 8 million sites switched to NGINX in the two months sinceĀ February’s report!

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