You've Built a Great App; Now Deliver It at Scale with NGINX


Today’s businesses face disruption and opportunity on a scale we have never seen before. As developers and technology professionals, we find ourselves at the center of this storm. What sets top development teams apart from the rest is the ability to innovate and adapt, to build and deliver extraordinary new products and experiences faster than the competition.



Building a great application is only half the battle. Delivering your great application is the other half.


No matter how sophisticated, functional, and beautiful a great application may be, if it does not perform in the real world, for real users, it has not succeeded.

Why Is Delivering An Application So Hard?

Real‑world deployments subject an application to stresses and strains it will never encounter in development:

The simple problem is this: modern application platforms (like Ruby‑on‑Rails, Grails, Python/Django, or even J2EE) are engineered for developer productivity first, not performance or scalability. What can you do to harden and prepare your application for the onslaught of traffic it will encounter in production?

How Can I Make My Application Production‑Ready?

There are a great many best practices and steps that you can take to make an application production‑ready. Caching, load balancing, HTTP optimizations, request scrubbing, and offloading operations like compression and encryption – these all contribute to improved performance, resilience, and control:

NGINX and NGINX Plus industrialize these best‑practice capabilities into a single web acceleration and application delivery platform. For over 130 million websites, NGINX is the first software that user traffic hits. Over 40% of the busiest 10,000 sites on the Internet use NGINX to deliver their web applications.

How Can NGINX and NGINX Plus Help?

NGINX is a lightweight, highly reliable reverse proxy that is deployed as a web accelerator and web server in front of your infrastructure, and NGINX Plus extends this with more sophisticated load balancing, application delivery and monitoring capabilities. It is proven (with over 10 years of production deployment), it’s scalable (uses minimal memory and CPU), and it’s extremely fast. It is often deployed as the first tier for user traffic for the following reasons:

shock absorber

You can regard NGINX and NGINX Plus as a shock absorber, protecting your applications from rough and unpredictable Internet traffic, giving the smooth ride that enables them to perform at their best.

What’s The Next Step?

NGINX Plus does not just help you to harden your application, readying it for production traffic. When you scale your application up from one development instance to multiple production instances, NGINX Plus is the one constant element that gives you control.

All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection.

Wikipedia defines indirection as “the ability to reference something using a name, reference, or container instead of the value itself”.

With NGINX Plus, users reference your application instance through NGINX Plus rather than directly. NGINX Plus is a level of indirection that gives you control:

NGINX Plus is the trusted gatekeeper, giving you full control over which traffic you admit to your applications, how it is rate‑limited, authenticated, and secured, and where it is routed to.

Finally, Transforming Your Applications For The Future

Organizations are navigating their way through complex application changes. The desire to optimize for speed of delivery rather than cost is driving significant transformations in the ways that development teams build modern web applications.

Nordstrom went from optimizing for IT cost to optimizing for delivery speed.

Your application infrastructure and your development processes will suffer great upheavals. Processes will change when you adopt continuous delivery and DevOps instead of big‑bang waterfall‑driven releases. Architectures will change when you adopt microservices instead of monolithic web applications. Deployment will change when organizations adopt cloud‑based as‑a‑Service platforms and reduce their dependencies on on‑premises software and hardware infrastructure.

In the face of this continual upheaval, you’re expected to deliver consistently high‑quality applications. NGINX Plus is the one constant you can count on. No matter what happens “behind the scenes,” no matter where you deploy your applications or the languages and platforms you select, NGINX Plus is the consistent, reliable, and high‑performance application delivery platform that you, and millions of other developers, rely on.

You build great applications. NGINX delivers them.

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